Sri Lanka climbs 15 places to 117 in Happiness Report

Sri Lanka has climbed 15 places to rank at 117 position in the World Happiness Report published in 2016. Sri Lanka was ranked at No. 132 in the report published in 2015.

Denmark has reclaimed its place as the world’s happiest country followed by Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Sweden, while Burundi ranks as the least happy nation.

The report found that inequality was strongly associated with unhappiness – a stark finding for rich countries like the United States, where rising disparities in income, wealth, health and well-being have fueled political discontent. Burundi ,Syria, Togo, Afghanistan, Benin, Rwanda, Guinea, Liberia, Tanzania and Madagascar were among the least happy nations , all of those nations are poor, and many have been destabilised by war, disease or both.

Of the world’s most populous nations, China was were ranked at No.83, India at No.118, the United States at No.13, Indonesia at No.79, Brazil at No.17, Pakistan at No.92, Nigeria at No.103, Bangladesh at No.110, Russia at No.56, Japan at No.53 and Mexico at No.21.The United States rose two spots from No.15 in 2015.

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