Japan to collect funds to cover up money laundering -A damp squib (photo)

Pitiful plight of the ‘three racketeers’ who visited Japan to collect funds to cover up money laundering -A damp squib (photo)

(Lanka-e-News -21.March.2016, 10.00AM) Lanka e news on the 11 th revealed to the world a conspiracy hatched by Rajapakses and their unlimited crooks to get down their hidden black monies from the foreign countries (money laundering) . The plan was for the crooks and cronies of Rajapakses to go overseas , and send those hidden monies to Sri Lanka ostensibly as  donations received from Sri Lankans abroad.

In pursuance of this plot and plan , the inaugural meeting was held yesterday (20) by these touring notorious crooks in Sukuba city , Japan . Sadly, to their utter dismay and bitter  disappointment the response was extremely poor, according to what was revealed by a Lanka e news special correspondent in Japan.

Though it was hugely publicised well ahead that Gotabaya Rajapakse , Wimal Weerawansa , and Rohitha Abeygunawardena alias Raththarang (the three racketeers) that they will be holding the meeting  at 12.30 p.m. yesterday  at the Thoyosatho Hall , Gotabaya however kept away; he  spoke  via  the Skype ( There is a ban on foreign travel on Gotabaya . However after producing a surety in court he could  go abroad , if necessary)

An extremely smalll group of about 30 individuals were present at  the meeting, and they were only the organizers and their  family members . It was very unfortunate that the ‘three racketeers’  in spite of their monumental efforts and laborious arrangements could  not draw crowds in Japan in the way they did at  the Hyde park rally in Sri Lanka (SL) after giving each in the crowd  a bottle of arrack and a lunch packet.

It is learnt Wimal Weerawansa who was frustrated and infuriated over the fiasco had bitterly berated the organizer ‘Japan Saman’ who wanted to make this event  a most unexpected success.

It is a well and widely known fact by now , Weerawansa with inflated hopes who did not have the wherewithal to own a bicycle with even a deflated tyre , has  after selling ‘socialism’ his hobby horse transferred a land worth Rs. 306 million !  on the sly to his wife via a deed of gift. FCID investigations into this colossal fraud is now  concluded , and the file is with the Attorney General’s (AG) department for institution of legal action.

Ratthtarang and Gotabaya the other two accomplished rogues are no better. They are ace crooks involved in robbery of public funds.  Might we recall, earlier on a Sri Lankan in Japan when speaking to Lanka e news said  , Sri Lankans in Japan must be suffering from incurable scabies to give as donation to these three notorious crooks that  little money  they have in their possession.

The photograph herein depicts Gotabaya addressing the sparse  audience in an almost empty hall in Sukuba city via Skype yesterday, before dispatching the  two notorious crooks  to the cities , Nagoya, Chiba, Ashigaka, Saithama, Kumagaya and Tokyo to address  similar sparse audiences . In the photograph are also Wimal Weerawansa and Rohitha Abeygunawardena in deep sorrow , nonplussed and clueless not knowing what to do over the unbelievable paucity of participants at the meeting despite spending so  much energy and time to organize it.

Photograph and report by a special correpndent of Lanka e news in  Japan
Translated by Jeff

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