Dr. Wickremebahu to National executive council : Anura (JVP) makes two untenable proposals

(Lanka-e-News- 19.Jan.2015, 11.00PM) It has been decided to include Dr. Wickremebahu Karunaratne in the historic national executive council that was launched on the 15 th of this month for charting the course of the future of the country , according to reports. Dr. Wickremebahu who has a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge on a rare subject in Sri Lanka , is a staunch socialist and an intellectual. It is learnt that he will be participating in the next meeting of the council scheduled for 20 th of this month.

Meanwhile , JVP leader Anura Dissanayake is getting ready to bring forward two proposals before the apex committee of the council that takes decisions , Dissanayake has disclosed. The two proposals are : To withdraw the right of an individual who has dual citizenship to contest elections , and the other is , if any M.P. is switching allegiance that is, changing his party, his parliamentary representation be rendered null and void.

These two proposals though they reflect only the mentality of the people of the Island, are not compatible with Democratic tenets. His first proposal is based on the premise that a dual citizen can rob public funds , and flee to the other country. To prevent this ,effective methodologies have to be put in place to avert them , rather than attempt to deprive his democratic right to contest elections by enacting laws that contradict the fundamental human rights of the citizens of a civilized country.

Although depriving the parliamentary representation of an MP who switches allegiance will be in order , it is under the modern elections system , the voter casts his vote for the party , and marks his preferential vote in favor of the individual representative.

Under the proposed conventional representation voting system, this possibility is unavailable. No matter what ,an individual ought to have the democratic right to change his political party, and proposing that only through a by -election such a change should be made is reasonable.

At all events , Dinesh Gunawardena who is in charge of the elections system has already discussed this at the select committee , and a final decision has been reached .

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