The government deceives the public – CM Vigneswaran

Although I was happy that the Sri Lankan government was focussing towards a constitutional amendment, it appears that it is an effort taken to deceive the country’s people and to deceive the minority political parties, said the northern province chief minister C.V. Vigneswaran.

 Meeting the journalists in Jaffna the chief minister said the Tamil National Alliance has given a list of amendments needed to the constitutional amendment.

 According to the Northern Province people and ideas presented by the civil society organizations the only solution to resolve the north east problem is the devolution of power within a unitary state which is a federal system, said the chief minister.

Anti federal
The chief minister said due to the strong objection of the southern political parties about the devolution of power to the Tamil people, the government is also following a casual policy towards the constitutional amendment.

He said he feel sad and surprised that the groups in the south is against a governance given to the Tamil people and said the Tamil people and the politicians has not forgotten about the ne constitutional amendment coming in the future.

Chief Minister’s conference
The chief minister said he could not participate to the chief minister’s conference this time due to a surgery and not because of any other problem.

Although there are rumors spread in the political arena about his non participation in the chief minister’s conference, he said it is not factual.

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