Army intelligence behind killing of Maj. Gen. Lucky Algama and Tamil MP’s!

It has now been established that the Army intelligence is behind the killing of retired Maj. Gen. Lucky Algama at a UNP rally in Ja Ela on 18 December 1999.

The confirmation comes in a report submitted to the Security Council by the then CID director Opatha Kankanamage Hemachandra (O.K. Hemachandra), who had investigated the murder. 

His report says the then Army intelligence chief, retired Maj. Gen. Sunil Tennakoon was fully responsible for the killing.

The suicide bomber who detonated a grenade to kill Algama at the rally was controlled by a close friend of Tennakoon, it has been revealed.

Meeting him at a secret location, Tennakoon had given his friend a photograph of Algama and said, “This is the next defence secretary. You know how he eliminated the JVP. If he comes, you too, will be eliminated.” This man, arrested later, has made a confession, giving all the details.

Hemachandra had sought defence ministry permission to arrest Tennakon over the Algama killing, but the killers were concealed, even then, on the front that war heroes would be discouraged.

The CID has been able to expose many political and military murders committed by the Army intelligence in the past. 

Army intelligence behind Lucky Algama killing!

At present there are five (05) inquires pending before the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) Committee which comprises the assassinations of late Joseph Pararajasingham, MP, late Nadarajah Raviraj, MP, late T. Maheshwaran, MP, late. D. M. Dassanayake, MP and the attempted murder of S. Shritharan, MP.

The public are aware that all these killings of Tamil MP’s were done with orders from Sri Lanka’s defence or Intelligence department but were afraid to talk for fear of their own live. The ‘White Van’ kidnapping and killing were done in broad day time with the fullest support of the Sri Lankan forces who had orders from the top Rajapaksha politicians NOT to arrest the kidnappers or killers.

It is revealed that the arms needed to carry out The killing of MP Pararajasingam murder (on the 24th December 2005) have been supplied by an officer attached to the army intelligence. Although the murder was committed amid the presence of the police and the security forces there was no retaliation exercised against the murderers.


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