Detection of bombs , suicide kit in Chavakacheri : Truth uncovered – Did MR’s brother in law and wife conspire with LTTE Oothaselva ?

(Lanka-e-News -30.March.2016, 11.30PM) Following the discovery of highly explosive materials and a suicide kit today at Maravanpulaw, Chavakachcheri , the intelligence division has been able to unearth a wealth of information in that  connection.

Three bags containing highly  explosive materials , a suicide  kit , 4 bombs, 10 packets of cartridges, along with two batteries were found  hidden at this venue . The intelligence division is harboring suspicions that these explosives , kits and devices were meant to be used on the 3 rd of April targeting the president and VIPs at the  function to be held  in Jaffna district under the leadership of president Maithripala,

Based on information received by the Intelligence division , by the time the security division  discovered these bombs , explosives ,suicide kit , batteries and cartridges today , the owners of the house had fled away.  These explosives etc . being kept wrapped in a Sinhala  newspaper had drawn the attention of the security division.

Previously , a conspiracy that was hatched by ex president Mahinda Rajapakse along with some LTTE cronies in a camp of the forces was exposed by Jaffna UNP organizer Thyagaraja Thuwarakeshwaram . Thereafter , the security division based on the  veracity of that exposure  , was very vigilant .

The prominent pro Rajapakse conspirators Hendavitharane and Wakishta formerly of the intelligence division co ordinating the elections at Kurunegala on behalf of ex president Mahinda Rajapakse ; fielding a pro LTTE er as a candidate on behalf of Mahinda Rajapakse for Kurunegala ; the statement made by Thyagaraja Thuwarakeshwaram ‘ and the discovery of these explosives etc . are being extensively investigated by the security division to ascertain whether all these have any connection.

The exposure made by Thyagaraja Thuwarakeshwaram is as follows : 

”I have most clearly and  strongly explained  this matter to His excellency the president Miathripala Sirisena , Hon. Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and defense minister Ruwan Wijewardena .At  the next Thai pongal day , there is need for heavy security  . Therefore , it is only  with detailed security plans  the Thai Pongal day shall be held here. I am openly stating this .
You know on the 20 th , Oothaselva ,Oothasedhu  and Dr. Lohan Gunawardena plotted a conspiracy to murder president Maithripala Sirisena on his way to a camp . This was planned  together with Mahinda Rajapakse’s brother in law , a high ranking officer of the intelligence division   and his wife who arrived at a place at Nelliady belonging to Oothaselva where the conspiracy was hatched. 

They have 17 weapons in their possession . Those are the weapons that were robbed from the LTTE. He is one who had been in high ranks. In addition ,he is engaged in diverse fund collecting activities .”  Thyagaraja revealed with grave concern.

Meanwhile defense secretary Karunasena Hettiarachi stated, simply because explosives were found at Chavakacheri, it cannot be concluded that there is a threat to national security. After the war , on various occasions there had been reports of such explosives etc . having  been detected . If anybody is saying by that there is a threat to national security  , he is making such  statements because he does not know anything about  country’s security , Hettiarachi went on to point out.

On the other hand  , Dr. G.L. Peiris who participated in a media conference on behalf of  the opposition of coconut  robbers exclaimed, ‘don’t  consider  the Chavakacheri  incident as trivial.’

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