Prime witness in Ekneligoda murder receives death threats from Girithale camp – Complains to police

(Lanka-e-News -30.March.2016, 11.30PM)  Sergeant major Ran Banda the prime witness   in the murder of Prageeth Ekneligoda has receieved death threats from the  Girithale army camp, according to reports.

It was this sergeant major who received death threats yesterday , who interrogated Prageeth for two days while the latter was detained in the Girithale army camp after he was abducted by a group of army officers including Shammi Kumararatne of the Girithale army camp.

Ran Banda had stated to the CID that he questioned Prageeth on the book the latter wrote criticising the Rajapakse family. Accordingly the main witness  in this case is the retired sergeant major.

Ran Banda has made a complaint to Nikaweratiya police yesterday , that a group of army officers of the Girithale army camp has planned to kill him.

The handwritten copy of the book of Prageeth on which he was questioned at that time by Ran Banda was given to Gotabaya by Ruwan Ferdinands who had undertaken to publish it . Ruwan Ferdinands was a Gotabaya’s secret  informant who was functioning as  co ordinating secretary to Mangala Samaraweera for a long time.

After the cat was out of the bag , and the incident came to light , via the website that belonged to Ruwan Ferdinands and the newspapers he  began maligning  Ekneliyagoda as  a ‘Tiger’ and gave publicity to that.

After it became known that Ruwan Ferdinands had been a long time informant of Rajapakses , Mangala Samaraweera chased him out from  the post of co ordinating secretary .

Unbelievably and intriguingly   Ruwan Ferdinands who was  the epicenter  of Prageeth’s murder has not been questioned by the CID so far.

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