Protests demanding UN intervention


The National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection (NMCRP) will stage a protest demonstration opposite the United Nations HQ in Bauddhaloka Mawatha today (1) to urge them to investigate and intervene in protecting the rights of consumers in the country.

Chairman of the NMCRP told media yesterday that the Consumer Protection Authority was established in accordance with the UN Consumer Rights Declaration of 2003.It was done with the noble intentions of safeguarding the rights of consumers. However, we do not see any positive interventions made in order to achieve its objectives.

Hence we have no option but to force the UN to intervene in the operations of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA).
He further noted that prices of essential commodities such as flour and rice were escalating without proper government regulation. Also, there is no proper mechanism to counter the influx of low quality confectionary and other food items.

He added that there is also no proper mechanism in place to regulate the service sector such as private hospitals. “We have been making constant complaints to the authorities for so long. But the CAA takes ages to conduct inquiries when they are made.
The Authority remains blind to these issues. We have no option but to resorting to UN intervention on the prevailing situation.”

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