Suicide jacket five years old

By Cassendra Doole

The suicide jacket discovered in Chavakachcheri recently is nearly five years old, a Terrorism Investigations Division (TID) probe has found.

Police said the suspect apprehended in connection with the discovery is still being interrogated. A suicide jacket and a stock of explosives and ammunition were recovered during a raid conducted on a house in Chavakachcheri, Jaffna on Wednesday (30).
Police raided the house in Maravanpulo, Chavakachcheri, following a tip-off.

The following items were recovered at the location: One suicide jacket, four side chargers, three parcels containing about 12 kilograms of TNT, two packets containing 100 rounds of 9mm ammunition and two battery packs used to detonate side chargers.

Police further said it is suspected the explosives and other items had been stored in the house since war time.

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