Chinese govt. promised to topple Yahapaalana regime within a short period’ – Namal!

MP Namal Rajapaksa, who has by now become an executor for the Chinese government, has told his supporters that “a special Chinese agent promised him and his father that the Yahapaalana government would be toppled before six more months elapse.” That special agent has promised to the Rajapaksa father and son that China would get compensation from the Yahapaalana regime for all the Chinese projects that had been abandoned during the past one year.

 Proving the Chinese agent’s remark true, the Chinese constructor has demanded the megapolis and western development ministry to pay it a 125 million dollar (Rs. 18,288 million) compensation or grant more land than the presently allotted amount in lieu of the delay in the port city project. CHEC Port City Colombo has made the demand on behalf of China Communication Construction Co. Ltd. (CCCC).

The Chinese agent has promised to Mahinda and Namal that the Yahapaalana government would be ruined financially by obtaining compensation for the Chinese projects abandoned at the behest of India. Namal told his supporters that he has been asked by the Chinese agent to rally social media against the Yahapaalana regime.

At the request of the Chinese government, Namal has tweeted severely criticizing the prime minister’s approaching tour of China. Today (04), Namal questioned Sri Lanka’s policy with regard to China as Ranil is to leave for China, and asked as to whether the government now approves of China, after hating it last year.

Namal told his supporters further that with Chinese government support, Mahinda and the joint opposition would soon gain power, and issued a warning to those who had harassed him and his party supporters.

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