The Biggest Leak ever! –Panama Papers!

A machinery adopted by wealthy people around the globe to turn their black money into white money had been come into grips with hackers and was revealed to the world sometime back and since those data have come into the limelight as Panama Secret Documents, efforts taken by

the wealthy around the world including Sri Lanka would be exposed in the future, it is reported.

Mossack Fonseca, a firm of legal counsellors of Panama and which country is considered as a country which imposes low tax regulations had managed to creep through the freedom afforded laws of their land and had made extended invitations to individuals of numerous countries to join hands with them and  establish companies under various names and to make investments in those companies. Making use of this invitation various affluent persons had in order to get away from tax burdens of their countries and to hide information as to how they earned their money had resorted to making use of this investment opportunity. Under these circumstances they were able to get into connivance with the Mossack firm depositting large sums of money in their accounts in a clandestine manner that the others could not tap.
Panama-papers-leakBecause of the low-scale taxes in Panama and because no one could enquire about these transactions, drug-traders, various heads of state, actors – actresses and illegal dealers of weapons had joined hands with this machinery.
What is exposed as Panama Papers is none other than the names of those partners and related information and the collection of computerized documents. The hackers who had stolen those documents from computers of the Mossack firm had then had a part of this information published across a newspaper in Germany called ‘Sudest Setag’ , for the first time. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (I.C.I.J) who understood that this information could prove to be essentially important to the world then proceeded to leak it out to the entire world.
Though it was said that data about money amounting to trillions of dollars is contained in this information, so far it has not divulged the identities of the suspects in an official manner as such. The reason for the delay is that the data stolen by the hackers would take a long, long time to be surveyed because of the capacity of the data themselves. It is understood that the volume of the hardware data reaches some 2.6 tetra bites.
Once the news that the data of Mossack Company had been exposed reached the ears of its owner, he addressed the media; but he did not reject it as such. What he admits is that all data has not come into the knowledge of the hackers. His opinion is that only a part has been leaked. In fact he has complained to Crime Investigators of Panama to look into it. In reality what Mossack firm had done was not an illegal thing where the country was concerned but only permit people from other countries to hide their monies to escape the law by making use of the strategy in respect of that machinery.
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (I.C.I.J) has by now engaged a team in this connection and is making a study on this computer information and in time to come the names of the suspects would be exposed to the world.
Prior to this, a volume of more than three-fold of the information revealed by Wikiliks and Snowden would be revealed in this case however. Even already information pertaining to well-known figures is explained here. It has now been revealed that Russian President, Vladimir Putin and his comrade, Sergi Roladagin have invested approximately 2 billion dollars. Further, England Prime Minister David Cameron’s father, deceased Ian Cameron had been involved in this according to information received. After information was let known that the Prime Minister of Iceland, Sigmund Davio had made his investment here, it has given rise to a large-scale protest and he had made a decision to step down from his position a couple of days back. Information has been published that the Pakistan Prime Minister, Nawar Sharif, 8 members of the major administrative board of parliament in China, son of the former President of Egypt, Mubarak, some official members of the International Football Association and Bollywood actor, Amithab Batchan and actress Aischarya Rai have all made investments here.
Though it is said that information about 3 individuals of Sri Lanka, 3 companies and 22 shareholders of those have been mentioned there, upto now it has not been revealed as to who they are. As a consequence, names of some prominent politicians of Sri Lanka who have been accused these days of money laundering have surfaced and in future investigations their names would be exposed, including information about how much they had invested.

Quoting Panama Papers a list of veteran Sri Lankan’s in the internet

These days a very interesting topic is about the Panama papers.Those politicians worldwide who have been laundering money and have deposited money in Panama have been revealed to the world by the related authorities.The names of some distinguished politicians in a number of western countries have

been named and there is chaos situation in the respective counties.There were indications that the names of three politicians of Sri Lanka are also named.However instead of the names of these three politicians some names of veteran Sri Lanka have gone viral in the internet.

However in the  I C I J web site of the  experimentation media personnel society these old names have been also published and they are the names that were published three years ago in the year 2013.There are 46 such persons in the list that had been circulated and they are already blacklisted.
It is reported that some have thought that this list is the new names.However the names of the three Sri Lankans who are in the Panama papers have not yet been disclosed.

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