Maithri-Vigneswaran to have crucial talks!

President Maithripala Sirisena and north chief minister C.V. Vigneswaran will have a crucial meeting on April 18 to discuss problems in the province and other related political matters, say government sources.

Speaking to the media in Jaffna, Vigneswaran has said he hoped the meeting would result in an end to land-grabbing in the north for government purposes.

 He said he has been asked to come to Colombo to discuss the matter with the president and the prime minister.

Vigneswaran said he believed the president who has previously said that civilian land in the north would not be taken over.

Despite claims by the government and the military over the media that there was no land-grabbing, Vigneswaran claimed southern fishermen were being settled in Mullaitivu, Kokilai and Kokkutivudai areas.

The situation has aggravated to such an extent that these Sinhala fishermen had attacked the area’s Grama Seva Officer, he said.

A policy on resettlement in the north will be agreed upon at the meeting with the president, he has told BBC Sandeshaya.
– SLM-

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