Uphold national unity by joining hands – Opposition Leader – See more at: http://www.adaderana.lk/news/34900/uphold-national-unity-by-joining-hands-opposition-leader#sthash.MFXfdOqT.dpuf

During the Sinhala and Tamil New Year, I urge everyone of you to uphold national unity by joining hands to strengthen relationships and foster harmony between the different communities, Opposition Leader R. Sampanthan said in a New Year message.

The message:   “I would like to extend my warmest greetings to all those celebrating the Sinhala and Tamil and New Year in Sri Lanka and overseas.   The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is not merely a celebration. Rather, it is a national festival that has deep roots in our culture and traditions.

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year is also a symbol of unity as it brings together people, irrespective of race, caste, or creed in national celebration.  

However, while I encourage all of you to partake in the celebrations with joy and happiness, I also urge you to remember those who are not so fortunate to celebrate owing to various circumstances.   “My hope is that this New Year would be a peaceful and prosperous one to all Sri Lankans”.

 See more at: http://www.adaderana.lk/news/34900/uphold-national-unity-by-joining-hands-opposition-leader#sthash.MFXfdOqT.dpuf

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