Former Sri Lankan policemen admits organised sexual assault whilst facing trial in UK

A former Sri Lankan police officer who migrated to London and worked as a masseuse was jailed after sexually assaulting a female client.

The former Sri Lankan police officer’s defence lawyer, told the British court that “While he was in employment of the military police he was required to deal with opponents of the Sri Lankan government, which involved the organised sexual assaults and humiliation of the opponents of the regime.”

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isaipriya and Chennel-4The court heard how Kobbekaduwa arrived in the UK from Sri Lanka with his wife in 2011 as an asylum seeker and was a former military police officer in his home country.

Daniel Chadwick, defending, said that Kobbekaduwa’s actions were a direct result of his former job as a military policeman in Sri Lanka, where he was taught to ‘humiliate’ Tamil’s who  opposed the Sri Lankan Government.

While in Sri Lanka, he was in the employment of the military police in which he was required to sexually assault the Tamils who opposed the Sri Lankan government.

He told the court that this involvement the organised sexual assaults and humiliation of opponents of the Sri Lankan regime, It is that experience that has led to all of the offending.

Judge Michael Gledhill QC told Kobbekaduwa that he was a ‘danger to women’ after he pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault .

He said: “This man is a danger to women for the obvious reason that he has committed so many offences on or towards women that I feel he will do it again.

“There is cause for a substantial sentence to keep him out of harm’s way for such time as that he is hopefully not the danger that I have identified him as.”

Kobbekaduwa will be sentenced on April 26 and was told to expect a lengthy jail term .

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