Maithri trashes TNA’s ‘federal’ solution -And rubbishes Jayalalithaa’s ‘Eelam’ cry

By Gagani Weerakoon

President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday vowed he will not allow, support or even acknowledge any proposal that would jeopardise the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country.

Addressing the heads of media institutions at President’s House in Colombo yesterday (27) he said anybody could pass any resolution, but it is the government that has to endorse them.

He made these remarks when journalists asked about the resolution passed by the Northern Provincial Council calling for a federal solution.

“Anybody can pass resolutions. But, the government will never allow Sri Lanka to be divided or jeopardize the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. Apart from the resolutions passed at Provincial Council level, how many Acts have been passed into the Constitution over the years? There are many Acts which have been passed. But they have neither been implemented nor can people even remember what went into legislation and what did not . Likewise, we should not give any undue importance to this matter” he said.

He also said the government held negotiations with the Indian Central Government about the remarks made by Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram on establishing a separate Eelam.
The media has quoted Jayalalithaa as having said at an election rally in Salem City that a separate Tamil Eelam is the only solution that will permanently end the problems of the Tamil people in Sri Lanka.
In a powerful, moving speech, on Saturday 25 April, she resolved to fight to attain an independent Eelam in Sri Lanka.
“I met Art of Living founder Sri Sri Ravishankar who has just returned from the war-zone in the Vanni. He gave me CDs and photographs of the atrocities. My heart boils when I looked at it,” the AIADMK leader said. If this pathetic situation of the Tamil people has to be removed, if the problems of the Lankan Tamils have to come to an end, an independent Eelam is the only solution,” she added. “We will fight to attain that independent, separate Eelam. Until today, I have never said that a separate Eelam is the only solution. I have spoken about a political solution and other alternatives. But now I emphatically say that a separate Eelam is the only permanent solution to the Lankan conflict,” she said.
President Sirisena however, brushed away these remarks stating that those were made in a bid to increase the number of votes and some in Sri Lanka are misguided by parties with vested interests.

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