Ex LTTE Ram, Nagulan and Thalayan were Army informants – Police

Investigations by Police have revealed that three out of the ex-LTTE cadres who were arrested recently had been working with the Army intelligence at the time of arrest.

Police Media Spokesman, ASP Ruwan Gunasekera added that the trio, Ram who was arrested in Ampara, Nagulan (Jaffna) and Thalayan (Trincomalee), who were arrested on suspicion of involvement in the detection of suicide jackets in Chavakachcheri, had been working with military intelligence.

They were arrested by the Terrorism Investigation Division (TID).

Gunasekera also pointed out that all three of them had not been rehabilitated for one year, the minimum stipulated period.

While the three are presently under TID custody and are detained on detention orders, a fourth suspect, Subramaniam Sivakaran, arrested on April 27 on suspicion of the offence of aiding and abetting in the escape of suspects involved in the Chavakachcheri bomb jacket incident, has been released.

“Ram, Nagulan and Thalayan had been active cadres in the LTTE. They had not been rehabilitated properly. For an example, Ram had only been in rehabilitation for 45 days. They are being investigated in relation to the suspicion of their involvement in the Chavakachcheri bomb jacket incident,” he said.

“We do not know why they were released prior to serving one year minimum in rehabilitation. They have been working together with the Army intelligence,” Gunasekera explained. Meanwhile, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence, Karunasena Hettiarachchi declined to comment about whether there was a serious security situation or threat in the North and the East.

He said Police had yet to submit a report regarding the investigations into the Chavakachcheri incident to the Ministry.

“I do not know anything about the rehabilitation periods completed by those arrested and whether as according to the Police Media Spokesman they have worked with the Military intelligence and therefore cannot confirm anything regarding such. When we engage in matters concerning intelligence, we do not talk to the media or anyone,” he elaborated.

Military Spokesman, Brigadier Jayanath Jayaweera observed that it was a common, general practice of the LTTE organization to have a lot of persons going by and using one name.
“We do not know whether these declared names are in fact truly their names. The matter needs to be handled officially. The names have to be declared officially,” he elaborated.
Secretary of the Ministry of Law and Order, Jagath Wijeweera was not available for a comment.

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