TN Congress wants more powers for Lanka’s NPC

The Tamil Nadu Congress in its State Assembly election manifesto has stated it would emphasize on devolving more powers to the Northern Provincial Council.

Basic CMYKThe election manifesto of the Tamil Nadu Congress led by E.V.K.S. Illankovan was released in Chennai on Wednesday (27). The manifesto, outlining the Tamil Nadu Congress’ stance on solving the Tamil question in Sri Lanka, has pointed out that it was through the 13th Amendment to Sri Lanka’s Constitution, which was introduced as a result of the Indo-Lanka Accord, a durable solution can be found for the Tamil crisis.

The manifesto pointed out that at present the democracy was established in the Northern parts of Sri Lanka with the formation of the Northern Provincial Council. Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran and the TNA Parliamentarians are striving hard to get more powers devolved to the Northern Provincial Council through the 13th Amendment.

According to the Congress manifesto, since the civil war came to an end in the country in 2009, India has built 50,000 houses for the people in the North and East.

India has also completed 225 km railway line to the Northern Province. There are more development activities on the card such as the development of the KKS Harbour, Palaly Airport and several other economic development activities aimed at enhancing the livelihood of the people in the North.

If the Congress forms the State Assembly Government in Tamil Nadu it would work towards winning the legitimate political rights of the people in the North and East of Sri Lanka, the manifesto added.

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