Gang of three finally relents

The white collar high-ups of the statutory body responsible for lighting up the country who were set to purchase power from the private sector in defiance of the ruling by the highest decision-making body have finally relented, they say.  

The top ones of yahapalanaya at a powwow the other day had tried to unravel the secret behind the unusual power commanded by the statutory body’s big guns and it had transpired that it was a Gang of Three that was calling the shots in the power sector in the country.

 One of them is a high flyer in the statutory body, another is a ‘wizard’ in the Ministry and the third one is an elderly consultant in a Ministry controlling the country’s exchequer. 

Meanwhile, informed sources say that it was the ‘wizard’ in the Ministry who was responsible for including the infamous rider to the power purchase agreement that required the government to pay  for the power fed to the national grid even in excess of the national requirement. 

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