Can’t accept the UN reviews: Government

Minister Rajitha Senaratna stated that, the views of UN Rapporteur on tortures and detentions in Sri Lanka can’t be accepted.

UN experts who visited Sri Lanka last week proposed some contradictory comments about the situation of Sri Lanka.

They (UN experts) said that though the number of cases of torture were much less than during the height of the conflict, “torture remains in frequent use in Sri Lanka by CID and TID because of weak provisions in law.”

In this regard Minister explained in a media briefing as follows.

As soon as the new government came in to power, it strengthened the protection of civil society. And independent operations are strengthened in the North and East.  Criticisms of UN experts’ on tortures and detentions can’t be accepted.  Moreover, we can’t accept the criticism on arrest of the rehabilitated LTTE.

He added that, the appropriate measures are being taken in relation to missing person.

The verbal report which would be submitted to the UN on coming June will become a strongest one to finding the truths, he said.

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