Maithiri Govt. to be toppled soon? – Rajapaksha meets Major Generals of the Army in secret.

Why Major Generals secretly met Basil Rajapaksha?

Recently the government received a report from the Intelligence sector. The report stated that Basil Rajapaksa had secretly held discussion with several Major Generals of the Army. As soon as this report was received the government became perturbed. Generally, if Army officers are to meet not only politicians of the Opposition, but even government politicians approval has to be obtained from the Army Commander. The Major Generals have met Basil sans any such approval.

This meeting took place a while after media reports appeared that Major General Chagi Gallage who was in Jaffna had had a heated exchange of words with Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera. Media had also reported that subsequent to this incident Chagi Gallage was transferred to Colombo.

When the government received this report from Intelligence sources that Basil had met the Major Generals, they immediately took steps to remove Army protection provided to Mahinda and Gotabaya.

mahinda_with_sl_armyMahinda’s media office had later issued a video tape where the Army members who had been in the security contingent of Mahinda worshipped at Mahinda’s feet prior to leaving their duties.

Generally Army soldiers salute politicians. The other thing is what they were doing was carrying out a duty. However, what is attempted to be shown through this video is that they seem to have fulfilled more duties than assigned to them by the government in protecting Mahinda.

Media reports stated that Captain Tissa who was in charge of Mahinda’s security had been accused in the Thajudeen murder.

Pro-Mahinda Buddhist Monks

The other fact is that, when considering the battle that is now going on, in order to once again obtain protection of the Army for Mahinda, serious doubts arise.

Recently, parliamentarians of the Joint Opposition assaulted a parliamentarian of the government in Parliament requesting that the Army men who had been deployed for Mahinda’s security be reinstated. Now, a campaign has been launched through the Chief Prelates to request Army protection for Mahinda.

It is Mahinda’s media division that sends the statements of the Chief Prelates to media. A group of pro-Mahinda Buddhist Monks of the ‘Pevidi Handa’ organization is preparing to engage in a Satyagraha requesting Army protection for Mahinda.

There is strong suspicion as to why Army security is being requested because Mahinda has been provided with security by the Police and Special Task Force.

For example, Major General Chagi Gallage who is said to have got involved in an argument with Mangala, has served for a while as the Chief of Mahinda’s security division.

When Mangala had gone to Jaffna to exchange views with Army officers regarding the American Geneva Proposals, Chagi Gallage introduced himself as the former Chief of Security of the former President.

Later he had stated that he too had been included in the Task Force appointed by the government to implement the American Geneva proposals. Then the Defence Secretary had said that it was possible to inform the Task Force about the opinions of the Army through Gallage.

However, then he had said that as he had been in the war field he should be included in the Task Force. At that juncture, Mangala had not uttered a word. However, pro-Mahinda media reported that there was a heated exchange of words between Mangala and Chagi Gallage.

It is apparent that pro-Mahinda groups are engaged in a huge effort to create problems between the Army and the Maithri-Ranil Government.

It would have been decided by the Maithri-Ranil Government to remove Army protection from Mahinda and Gotabaya based on a reason.

The ties of Mahinda and Gotabaya with Army security officers as well as top officers cannot be taken lightly. Therefore, it is very important that the government stays awake.

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