COPE Chairman says Ministers shielding corrupt officials

By Anuradha Herath

COPE Chairman and JVP MP Sunil Handunnetti says it has become impossible to take action against corruption and other large-scale vices taking place at ministries as ministers themselves and their henchmen are engaged in such acts.

He said that at some ministries those engaged in corruption have been shielded by the ministers themselves.

The JVP MP asserted if the ministers are interfering in taking action against those involved in corruption at ministries and other public institutions, then legal powers should be vested in COPE and that a letter to this effect had been submitted to the Speaker in writing.
The COPE Chairman identified the CEB as a den of corruption…… among many other such public institutions and departments and stated that reports had been forwarded to the President, PM and the AG in this connection but said he was not personally content with the resultant action taken by them.

Handunnetti alleged that the Chairman of the Agricultural and Agrarian Insurance Board owns 22 percent of shares of a private insurance firm besides engaging in insurance work by using Board officials and that the COPE Committee has proposed to remove him from his position.

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