Racist monk says govt. insulted and dishonoured war heroes

mahinda-vs-ranil 3By Harischandra Gunaratna

Ven Bengamuwe Nalaka Thera of the Federation of National Organisations (FNO) yesterday said the government had insulted and dishonoured members of the security forces by cancelling the Victory Day celebrations at the behest of the international community and the pro-LTTE groups and by allowing dead terrorists to be commemorated.

The Thera addressing journalists at a news conference organised by the FNO said, “Adding insult to injury, the LTTE backers have named the event ‘Commemoration of Genocide’ and the government is giving lame excuses claiming it was a commemoration of the civilians who died during the civil war.”

The monk lashed out at the government saying that it didn’t have money to hold the Victory Day Parade. “But, it has money to fund foreign jaunts of MPs.”

Ven Nalaka said the current Defence Secretary did not know what he was doing.

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