plantation sector denied Rs. 2500 allowance? – May 26, 2016

Tamil Progressive Front said that the plantation sector should be given the Rs. 2500 allowance which was given to the private sector workers during the last budget. The Tamil Progressive Front started a fasting campaign against the estate employer’s federation today 26th in the Colombo fort.
The Tamil progressive front consist of the National Workers Union of minister Palani Digambaram, Kandurata People’s Front, minister Mano Ganeshan’s Democratic People’s Front, other political parties and plantation workers trade unions. The organization said a Rs. 100 allowance should be added to the daily wages of the plantation workers.
Recently there was a debate in the parliament regarding this and a proposal was adopted in the parliament to give this allowance.
Minister Palani Digambaram said although the Prime Minister and the government have accepted to give the allowance to the plantation workers the estate employer’s federation has denied the proposal. The minister said although a proposal was adopted to add Rs. 100 to the workers daily wages the employer’s federation has not approved the proposal.
Meantime MP. Vasudewa Nanayakkara representing the joint opposition who joined the protest said although he has a contrary political opinion he would give his maximum support for the increment of this allowance to the plantation workers.
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