Subramanian Swamy blamed for Tamil Nadu set back

MP Subramanian Swamy is blamed for the loss of BJP  in Tamil Nadu election. He is known to behave like a royal family member and he talks and had treated the Tamils as untouchables hence his presence in the BJP party is made to believe that BJP Party as a racist party.
He had been a key supporter of Sri Lankan leader Rajapaksha to kill the Tamil community in Sri Lanka in May 2009 and had said that if the UN is allowed to investigate the Sri Lankan government for War crime for killing more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians and LTTE Leaders who surrendered with White Flag after the UN negotiated the surrender,  than India will face the same fate in Kashmere.
Subramanian_swamy_yoga_Rajapaksa_sri_lanka_war_criminal.jpg.w560h262 He is so unpopular in Tamil Nadu that he has more security than the government ministers of the Tamil Nadu government. He cannot keep his mouth shut and wants to be in the head lines all the time so he will accuse oppositiion of wrong doing but to date no one has been punished of his accusations which shows that even the BJP government ignores his comments but keeps him with them to stop him accuse the government of wrong doings.
Subramanian Swamy’s ‘paranoid style’ of politics worries governance watchers
Swamy’s statements attacking RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan should not be indulged by the BJP, say columnists and industry

Dhume, in his blog hosted by Times of India, asked whether it was appropriate for the BJP, which he described as the “ruling party of the world’s seventh largest economy”, to indulge Swamy’s recent spate of attacks against Rajan. Dhume went on to describe Swamy’s actions as the embodiment of “the paranoid style in Indian politics”.

Dhume’s argument was that for the BJP, a party he says is “still in the process of consolidating its position as the country’s natural party of governance”, embracing Swamy’s style of politics could prove “fatal”.

“With some 2.7 million followers on Twitter, Swamy has the power to drag just about anyone into the social media gutter with him. You can’t blame people for choosing discretion as the better part of valour,” wrote Dhume, and subsequently found himself in Swamy’s crosshairs on the aforementioned micro-blogging site.

Swamy, for his part, has not taken too kindly to Dhume’s words. He took to Twitter to call out Dhume, saying that the “American writer” had called his followers “as gutter”. However, Swamy did not stop there, in stead, he went to call upon his followers to give Dhume a “guided tour” through “this gutter”.

American writer Dhume calls my 2.7 million+ Twitter followers as gutter. Time for PTs to give him a guided tour thru this gutter& know truth

While Dhume belaboured on the larger point of Swamy’s politics, he is not alone in specifically disapproving Swamy’s recent attacks against Rajan.

Late last month, the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) said that the had played a “pivotal role” in ensuring India’s growth and in the absence of some “serious offence” an incumbent (Rajan) should not be “targeted”.

“Surely, it is the prerogative of the government to appoint and re-appoint a person to the coveted position of RBI governor, but the kind of media statements being issued about Raghuram Rajan do not augur well for the country’s financial system,” said without naming Swamy.

Even Union Finance Minister slammed “personal attacks” on Rajan, again without naming Swamy.

In the last few weeks, Business Standard spoke to several CEOs who have come forward to support Rajan as the governor battled barbs from Swamy. From Rahul Bajaj to Adi Godrej to Harsh Goenka, corporate leaders have asked for his term to be extended when it ends in September this year.

Last month, Swamy had written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi seeking Rajan’s immediate sacking while alleging that he was “mentally not fully Indian” and had “willfully” wrecked the economy.

“The reason why I recommend this is that I am shocked by the willful and apparently deliberate attempt by Dr Rajan to wreck the Indian economy,” Swamy wrote, adding that Rajan’s concept of raising interest rates to contain inflation was “disastrous”.

On May 12, speaking to reporters outside Parliament, Swamy, in his first salvo against Rajan, had said: “In my opinion, RBI governor is not appropriate for the country. I don’t want to speak much about him. He has hiked interest rates in the garb of controlling inflation that has damaged the country.”

“The sooner he is sent back to Chicago, the better it would be,” he added.

Ever since Swamy was nominated to the Rajya Sabha, on April 25 this year, he has been on the attack.

Days after his nomination, in late April, Swamy sought to drag Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s name in the controversial AgustaWestland helicopter contract bribery case.

The very next day, Swamy was again to be found in the centre of a political slugfest, when he made controversial remarks in the Rajya Sabha, which were immediately expunged by the Chair.

Deputy Chairman P J Kurien also ordered the media to not report the remarks.

However, chastising Swamy, Kurien had said: “I will take action against you. Subramanian Swamy you are unnecessarily provoking. I will have to take action against you… You are provoking.”


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