Can’t stay with govt. if Gota comes in: CBK

Former President Chandrika Kumaratunga on Sunday said she could not stay in the government if the Sri Lanka Freedom Party was trying to bring Gotabaya into power.

“We brought this government in order to wipe out the looting of the country. If the SLFP is trying to bring Goatabayas into power we cannot stay in the government any longer,” the former President said addressing an event in Attanagalle, where she distributed flood relief items to those who affected by the recent floods in the area.

She also said she was with her children abroad when the country had to face the flood situation. “I am here now to see what I can do for the affected people.

I got a large number of telephone calls when I was abroad asking whether I was paralyzed. A website had carried a story saying I was paralyzed. Whoever the persons who carried the story should be asked whether I was paralyzed or not,” she added.

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