EU development strategy aims at ‘implementation of UNHRC Resolution’

The European Union is revising its development strategy for Sri Lanka, in order to assist with the implementation of a UN resolution that calls for trials with foreign judges to prosecute those accused of committing mass atrocities.

A statement released following the conclusion of the meeting of the Working Group on Cooperation between the European Union and Sri Lanka last week said the two have “enjoyed diplomatic ties that span more than 40 years”.

“Over the last decade, the EU has been one of the leading international donors, providing support for conflict affected people, the reconstruction of houses post-tsunami, and grassroots development, aimed at helping the poorest people in Sri Lankan society,” the statement continued, noting that “the EU has set aside up to EUR 210 million (approx. LKR 34 billion) for Development Cooperation with Sri Lanka up to 2020”.

Mr Jorge de la Caballeria, Head of Unit for South Asia and South East Asia, said that “The EU, in close consultation with the Government, is currently in the process of revising its development strategy for Sri Lanka”.

“Besides a continuing focus on Integrated Rural Development, the country strategy will also support the Government’s plans for Reconciliation and Governance,” he added. “We hope that the new priorities will assist the Government in the implementation of the UNHRC Resolution on Sri Lanka, encompassing the areas of accountability and transitional justice, resettlement and durable solutions, governance and reconciliation”.


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