FM Samaraweera accused of acting contrary to the Constitution

Mangala SamaraweeraThe Global Sri Lanka Forum (GSLF) has accused Foreign Minister Mangala Samaraweera of reaching agreements and understanding with a section of the international community at the expense of Sri Lanka’s interests.

The GSLF has, in a letter to foreign missions of countries represented at the Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), alleged that Minister Samaraweera’s actions at the UNHRC were inconsistent with Sri Lanka’s Constitution.

The GSLF has said that Foreign Minister Samaraweera couldn’t pursue policies contrary to the Extraordinary Gazette No. 1933/13 dated Sept. 21, 2015 governing the powers enjoyed by the Foreign Minister.

The GSLF has pointed out that Minister Samaraweera has acted against Sri Lanka’s interests in the following instances:

Admitting false assertions such as “that Sri Lanka has not initiated a credible national process of accountability whereas several independent commissions have been appointed pertaining to accountability issues involving human rights and humanitarian law; Samaraweera failure to submit reports prepared by such commissions to the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner, the UNHRC and the international community;

Mangala SamaraweeraThe GSLF says: Further Samaraweera also failed to enlighten the UN High commissioner for Human Rights and the UNHRC and its members on the LLRC Report (Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission Report) which carries cogent scientific evidence capable of countering and negating major allegations leveled by the High Commissioner against Sri Lanka;

iii. Samaraweera directly and/or indirectly admitted (without any ground whatsoever) that the prevailing judicial system in Sri Lanka is neither credible, impartial nor competent to adjudicate issues involving accountability on issues relating to human right and humanitarian law violations;

iv. Samaraweera directly and/or indirectly admitted that the security forces of Sri Lanka were accountable for committing alleged violations of Human rights and Humanitarian Law as stated in the Reports of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Office of the High Commissioner and the Secretary General.

The Foreign Minister was not immediately available for comment.

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