Gota gets cold feet and drives himself mad with arrest of sergeant major Premananda Udalagama over Lasantha murder !

(Lanka-e-News- 17.July.2016, 11.55PM)  Following the arrest of sergeant major Premananda Udalagama , the leader of the  murder squad suspected of the brutal murders of journalists including  Sunday Leader editor Lasantha Wickremetunge as well as the attacks launched on media personnel  , the former defense secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse during whose tenure in office these lawless and cruel  criminalities took place has got cold feet and panicked, based on reports  reaching Lanka e news inside information division.

Gotabaya in his panic stricken state had phoned the Prime Minister (P.M.) , the defense secretary , the Attorney General (A.G.) and the IGP , and spoken  on behalf of the army sergeant major and sought to rescue him.

The P.M. had replied , he does not know anything about the arrest , and the CID is duly conducting the investigations into the murder of Lasantha Wickremetunge, while pointing out clearly  that neither he nor the president will interfere with the investigations.

Gotabaya who was unnerved by the P.M.’s answer , had in desperation phoned the defense secretary , the IGP and  the A.G. , but none of them had  responded to him in the way he wanted – that is , they had refused to interfere .

Thereafter , an ex additional solicitor General of the AG’s department , Shaveendra Fernando who is these days functioning as the family lawyer of Rajapakses has pressurized a  present additional solicitor General in this regard , based on reports reaching Lanka e news inside information division. 

Lanka e news always espousing the cause of truth and justice in the best interests of the country and nation , is closely watching  whether the present additional solicitor general is going to take any unlawful or traitorous measures.

Political analysts say , Gotabaya getting the jitters and a ‘belly ache’ immediately after the arrest of the murderer  involved in the assassination of Lasantha, is clear index of who is the true behind the scenes ruthless and brutal leader of the assassinations.

Meanwhile army sergeant major Udalagama the suspect was produced before the Mt.Lavinia magistrate , and after obtaining latter’s permission , the suspect is now detained at the CID, and is being questioned. If necessary he might have to be subjected to an identification parade.

Based on the evidence of eye witnesses , two  sketches were prepared of the murderers and released by the CID recently seeking public assistance to apprehend the suspects. Hiru television revealed the suspect arrested is in one of the pictures

Attorney at law Rushbi Hameed is appearing on behalf of the accused Udalagama presently in custody.

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