President Sirisena Calls Upon Sinhalese to Acknowledge That the People in the North Have a Problem to Solve.

By P.K.Balachandran

Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on Monday appealed to the Sinhalese-Buddhist majority in the island nation to realize that the minorities have a problem and solve it if they want to live happily.

“The Sinhala Buddhist community in this country will be able to live happily only after solving the issues pertaining to other communities in the country and the first step in this regard is to acknowledge that the people in the North (Tamils) have a problem to solve,” Sirisena said in Kilinochchi, while inaugurating a German Training Institute.

Referring to the violent clash between Sinhalese and Tamil students in Jaffna University over a cultural function on Saturday, the President said that all the educational institutions, including the universities and vocational training centers, should act as “reconciliation centers” as well.

“Reconciliation should be included in the school curriculum as a subject. All our educational institutions should be reformed to prevent recurrence of an incident such as that which occurred in Jaffna,” he said.

The President requested the “media heroes” of the Sinhalese South to visit the North and East to listen and understand the problems of the minority Tamils and Muslims living there.

“Through a new constitution, we are trying to build one country by uniting divided communities, not to divide the country”, the President said.

Courtesy:New Indian Express

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