7 in same family sentenced to death

By Chandrasiri Mahagama- Hawa Eliya

Nuwara Eliya High Court Judge Lalith Ekanayake yesterday sentenced to death seven members of a family on conviction of collective culpability in a killing in year 2000.
Those sentenced to death were Palani Muthuraj, Palani Arimar, Palani Neela Mogan, Palani Subramanium, S Vigneswaran, Neela Mogan Kamalanadan and Neela Balachandran respectively.
Muthuraj, Arimar, Neela Mogan and Subramanium are brothers, while Vigneswaran who was also sentenced to death is the son of Palani Subramanium.
Kamalanadan and Balachandran are sons of Neela Mogan, one of the seven found guilty and sentenced to death by the Nuwara Eliya High Court Judge.

The murder had taken place at the Kancodiawatta Estate in Kandapola at around 9.30 pm on 1 February 2000. The murder victim was 33 year-old P. Hariraman, a father of two.
The victim had died shortly after admission to the Nuwara Eliya Hospital with critical injuries caused by the seven men convicted of his murder.

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