TULF leader beats war drums over acquiring of some land in Mulaitivu for the Navy

By Jehan Haniff

Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) leader V. Anandasangaree yesterday lashed-out at Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK) politicians for not taking any action against, what he termed provocative actions of the Government to acquire private lands for use of the security forces in the North and East.

Anandasangaree told “The Island” that ITAK parliamentarians in the Tamil National Alliance should quit their positions and make way for people who really care for the Tamils to come forward. “They are playing a double game,” he said.

“Today, the Government has planned to commence surveying 617 acres of private land for the Navy in Mullivaikkal in the Mullaitivu district despite strong protests by various organisations in the North and East,” the TULF leader said adding that he heard of peoples’ protests in the area today where they have planned to burn the effigies of two top ITAK Parliamantarians.

The 84-year former Parliamentarian also said that he was “surprised that although the TNA had gone out of its way and extended its full cooperation to the government, the government was not reciprocating positively, causing embarrassment to the TNA. ”

This is an issue serious enough for the TNA to withdraw its support to the government, Anandasangaree said pointing-out that “the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is misusing the term TNA to the advantage of one single party, ITAK  in the Alliance, which itself has no legal status to function as a political party.”

“I am shocked that when strong protests are made often by various organizations in the North and the East about this matter, the decision to acquire 617 acres of private lands for the Navy in Mullivaikkal of the Mullaitivu district is very provocative. I never look at any problem from a communal angle but always welcome reasonable actions of the government taken without any sinister motive. The country after 30 years of turmoil is limping back to normalcy. Some happenings in various parts of the country are causing grave concern to the people and a lot of tension is prevailing in the North over this type of happenings. What is the hurry for the government to put aside attending to many urgent issues and to concentrate now in setting up camps for the services. Is there any urgent need for any army camp in the North? If so let the country know about it,” he queried in a statement

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