The secret behind Machiavellian MR’s frequent foreign tours comes to the open..!

(Lanka-e-News -17.Aug.2016, 11.45PM)  The secret behind the frequent foreign tours of Mahinda Rajapakse , Kurunegala M.P. as of late has come to the open. Although he and his corrupt group claim these tours are to meet the Sri Lankans abroad , in truth these are tours to collect the profits generated by their  investments abroad.

This came  to light when Mahinda while returning after his tour of Japan and South Korea brought into Sri Lanka (SL)  Rs. 500 million and Rs. 400 million respectively.

Notorious Mahinda who is by now a byword for rackets and corruption ,and to whom committing perfidies and robberies  are  as simple as  inventing excuses to defend those  says,  these are donations  received from the Sri Lankans abroad.

Following the 19 th amendment to the constitution the chances of Mahinda Rajapakse becoming president has been ruled out (nobody can become a president for the third time under the 19 th amendment). Hence, it  is very obvious for the Sri Lankans abroad that the days of Mahinda are over . Being a spent force rejected twice by the people , and with clear signs of mental and physical senile decay ( which he tries to hide spending in millions) , the Sri Lankans are not that idiotic or moronic to donate millions of their hard earned cash to Mahinda who throughout his tenure of office along with his siblings and family members robbed the country ruthlessly, recklessly and profligately unprecedented  in SL’s history.

Sadly , every move Mahinda makes lately either boomerangs on him or exposes him to his detriment  unlike previously,  when  every move he made to the detriment of the country redounded to the benefit of his self seeking family and himself while he was in power .Therefore his fairy tale that the Sri Lankans who are hard put to earn in a country like S. Korea donating Rs. 400 million to Mahinda best known as the worst racketeer locally and internationally is an absolute unalloyed lie.

The racketing rapacious Rajapakses who robbed billons of rupees of people’s  funds during their nefarious decade did not deposit those funds in the foreign banks in their names for obvious reasons. Instead, those monies were invested in the names of various businessmen to conduct businesses. (Former Prime Minister of Thailand Thaksin Sinawatra who is unable to enter Thailand now is one such close business ally of Mahinda ). There exist secret agreements and pacts among these illicit investors  which are not made known to the world. The profits generated from those secret investments are reaped and distributed among themselves. Hence what Mahinda brings as donations so called are these illicit profits. Infamous Udayanga Weeratunge , a relative of Mahinda also travels to every country Mahinda visits. This is  in order to facilitate  the money exchanges .( However this notorious Udayanga was not seen  in S. Korea this time it is learnt , because   he is now having an Interpol warrant against him).

It is very unfortunate ,  Mahinda Rajapakse who is entitled to the privileges attaching to his M.P .post  and as country’s ex leader have become a great boon to Mahinda to indulge in all these money laundering and perfidious activities. His next impending tour is Italy . That tour is also geared to achieve the same evil  aims and agendas. In the past like the Swiss bank which attaches a veil of secrecy to  information of its customers  , in Italy too a bank has been established in St. Marino. Lanka e news as far back as in 2013 exposed that Gotabaya visited that venue. After the Mahinda Rajapakse regime was ousted by the people ,Yoshitha Rajapakse who is by now well  known as a money launderer and public funds plunderer too travelled to St. Marino.

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