Chief Minister slams UN Resident Co-ordinator for ignoring war crimes

The Chief Minister of the Northern Province C V Wigneswaran criticised the current UN Resident Coordinator in Sri Lanka, accusing her of ignoring the topic of war crimes in a report that was sent to his office.

Addressing the Northern Provincial Council earlier this week, Justice Wigneswaran said that whilst topics such as justice, harmony, good governance and reconciliation were mentioned in the report, there was no mention of war crimes.

“The damages resulting from the war crimes are the underlying reasons for the need to build peace and reconciliation,” Ceylon News quoted the chief minster say saying.

“Therefore, the UN should take action to probe war crimes adequately. The UN Resident Coordinator did not mention anything about the action necessary for war crime probe or actions necessary to implement it, in her report…  there was no mention of war crimes probe or the appointment foreign judges, prosecutors or how to incorporate war crime laws in the constitution.”

“There was no mention about war crimes probe at all in her report,” he added , stating that he would soon be releasing an official repsonse.

See excerpts of his address in Tamil below.

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