Why is President Maithiri hiding the truth?

20151131065036734_20President Maithripala Sirisena, warned today that he is ready to expose the truth about members of the former Government who are looking to form a new political alliance. 

FILES-AND-MUSLIMSA Joint opposition member said if he is withholding information about the members of the former Government who had broken the law of the country than President Maithiri is breaking the law of the country too.

By withholding the information President Maithri is playing the same game as the previous president Mahinda who black mailed the then MP’s by saying ”I  have files on you”.

Speaking at a public event in Matara today, Sirisena said that the cohabitation Government will continue in office for the next five years. He also said that the current government will decide the future of Sri Lanka post 2020.

The President noted that members of the former Government are now looking at forming a new political alliance. “We will not let those people to form a government,” he stressed.

He warned that if they form such an alliance he will not hesitate to reveal the true secrets about those individuals.


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