Ganesan wants list

Former LTTcombatants under custodyBy Sulochana Ramiah Mohan

Minister of National Dialogue and Co-existence, Mano Ganesan last Friday demanded for the list of names of those ex-LTTE cadres, who Tamil politicians claimed had been poisoned during rehabilitation after the war ended.

He promised to investigate reports that former LTTE cadres, while in government rehabilitation camps, had allegedly been forcibly injected with toxic substances, and as a result had died.

Ganesan said he had requested the Northern Chief Minister to submit the names of ex-rebels who had reportedly died under such mysterious circumstances.

Reports of some LTTE cadres facing health issues and slow deaths surfaced after an ex-LTTE cadre, testifying before the government’s Consultation Task Force for Reconciliation last month, claimed that they were given toxic injections and food while in rehabilitation.

The Northern Provincial Council (NPC), under Chief Minister C.V. Wigneswaran unanimously adopted a proposal demanding a government probe into such reports.

Wanni district Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentarians have also raised this issue in Parliament and urged the government to probe the deaths of 107 rehabilitated former LTTE cadres under mysterious circumstances.

Responding to a question in this regard, Ganesan said that he has asked the Northern Chief Minister to submit a list of those LTTE cadres who died after rehabilitation.

“It is good to investigate. There is no problem with it. Even our Health Minister has said to get them tested with the help of our local doctors. But we have a problem in this country as we always demand international investigations for everything. We had reasons for it in the past, but now we have rectified it.

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