Hands Off Sri Lanka’ Buddhist Monks Tell UN Chief

Just hours after United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s arrival in Sri Lanka, a group of Buddhist monks led a protest outside the UN Compound in Colombo demanding an end to international interference on internal matters of Sri Lanka where more than 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed in May 2009 alone. It is common prectice and belief in Sri Lanka that murders of minority Tamils by the Majority Sinhalese government forces are wiped under the carpet and no Sinhales will be punished.


Buddhist monks Akmeemana Dayarathana, President of the Racist Sinhala Ravaya and Iththe Kande Saddhatissa, Convener of the Ravana Balaya led the protests. Buddhist monks want ”Sri Lanka to a Buddhists Sinhale only Country”.

The Buddhist monks handed over a letter addressed to Ban Ki-moon demanding that the international community stop interfering in the internal matters of Sri Lanka. They want the UN to forget the killing of the Tamils and not look in to the War crime activities by the Sinhale forces.

Due to killing of more than 40,000 Tamil civilians  by the Sri Lankan Sinhale Army in May 2009, the Tamils around the world are seeking an International investigation but the Majority Sinhalese do not accept a International investigation as this will expose the killing of more than 40,000 Tamil civilians by the Army as this will put some leading racists Sinhale politicians who ordered these killings.

Ban and his wife Mrs. Ban Soon-taek arrived in Sri Lanka yesterday on a three-day official visit, at the invitation of the Sri Lankan Government.

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