Malaysia warns of action against Tamil sympathisers

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Malaysian police, which arrested five persons allegedly linked to the Naam Thamilar political party for assaulting the Sri Lankan envoy here, has warned of action against sympathisers of the banned group LTTE.

1ACAC8CD-8808-4429-A819-E4234AF01F69_cx0_cy4_cw0_w987_r1_s_r1“I want to remind these groups that they are supporting a group which is banned by the United Nations. We, as a UN signatory country, can take action against them (supporters),” Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar told reporters on Monday.

The attack on High Commissioner (ambassador) Ibrahim Sahib Ansar left him with minor injuries.
Khalid said police were also probing local groups who had protested to identify their links to the LTTE and warned that they could be probed under the Security Offences (Special Measures) Act (Sosma).

Isaippiriya_and_Ushalini4When asked whether the group in the attack was affiliated with the LTTE, Khalid said they were showing signs of sympathising with the Tamils who were killed in thousands in May 2009 by the Sri Lankan Army under Rajapakshas order and police were investigating their links to the group.

He said police have identified all of the attackers and have arrested five people aged between 27 and 56 who were from Ipoh, Dengkil and Kuala Lumpur, the Star said. Khalid said police were now tracking four more suspects involved in the attack. “We regret the incident had happened,” he said. Sri Lanka‘s Foreign Ministry in a statement condemned the attack on its High Commissioner.

The High Commission is coordinating with law enforcement authorities in Malaysia and other relevant local authorities to identify perpetrators and assist with investigations, it said.

It was reported that the High Commissioner was assaulted at the airport because he supported War Crime accused Mahinda Rajapaksha and provoked the protesters.

Former Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who ordered the bloody military assault which killed more than 40,000 Tamil Civilians  in May 2009 ended the LTTE‘s separatist campaign in 2009, also attended the conference.

United Nations, in a 2011 report that, “the conduct of the war represented a grave assault on the entire regime of international law” and accused the government – and the separatist Tamil Tiger rebels – of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The UN said up to 40,000 civilians may have died in the last months of the civil war; and possibly up to 70,000, according to a 2012 UN Internal Inquiry. The majority of the killings were attributed to government forces, directly under the control of the President’s much-feared brother, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka’s Defence Secretary.

Most Sinhalese are still in denial about what happened at the end of the war; few human rights reports are translated into the local language and many ordinary people, who have relatives who served in the army, understandably don’t want to know the full extent of the horror.

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