MR the ‘great Sinhala Buddhist’ now seeks prayers of US Christian Pastor to dispel his fears after Duminda’s death sentence!

So desperate has discussions until midnight

(Lanka-e-News -10.Sep.2016, 11.45PM)  Mahinda Rajapakse the former corrupt brutal ruler,  who treated Duminda Silva as a watchdog and allowed to commit all the crimes including drug peddling had got so frightened and  panic stricken following Duminda’s death sentence on the 8th  . Here is a photo depicting Mahinda clinging on to a straw (vide photo).

Poor Mahinda who was  so shaken and unnerved following Duminda’s death sentence , had invited a Christian Pastor  yesterday evening through his private secretary Uditha Lokubandra to invoke blessings on him by prayers  and to rescue him.

An American Televangelical prelate and chief pastor Creflo A. Dollar of World Changers Church International , and his group are in Colombo these days.

Medamulana Mahinda Percy Mahendra Rajapakse the Kurunegala M.P. goes  down in Sri Lanka’s history as the first Sinhalese , the  so called ‘great Buddhist’ to have got  them down to his residence to pray for him. Mahendra Rajapakse alias Mahinda Rajapakse invited them because of the monumental guilt  that is preying on his mind , and with the hope that through their blessings he could find an escape route from his guilt ridden conscience.

The Christian prietst who prayed while touching Mahinda from both sides  exclaimed  ‘ Oh Lord, please dispel the monumental fear that has found abode in this poor individual’s heart’ 

Mahinda who went home after hearing the death sentence passed on Duminda  summoned various persons to his house in desperation until midnight and held discussions regarding the dangerous portents ahead. ‘Now, we cannot relax by assuming that no harm will befall us’ , he had stated during the discussion.

Duminda’s body language – Duminda will return home

Many who participated in the discussion said , they thought Duminda would ‘fix’ the case. When one participant said , going by Duminda’s body language , it was thought based on  Duminda’s calmness   , he came with the idea of going home after the verdict ,another participant stated, because Duminda was sure of going back home , he did not arrive with a crowd in court . 

Panic stricken and unnerved Mahinda had warned , now that signs  are grave as regards their  future , and because courts cannot be turned to decide in their favor , the future is most  ominous.

Wimal Dheerasekera , a Lanka e news political columnist  revealed yesterday , as long as  the court verdict is remembered by Mahinda , and each time that crosses the mind of brutal corrupt despotic Mahinda ,  every part of his body from bottom to top will be dangling like he had been electrocuted.

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