Sri Lankan refugee in UK imprisoned

A 31-year-old Sri Lankan asylum seeker in UK, has been imprisoned for 30 months on charges of sexually attacking a woman. This comes three years after, he was saved from deportation in a campaign led by his local MP, on Wednesday (14th September). The man reportedly made advances at a 21 year-old woman, who had rejected his advances at a night shelter. Bristol Crown Court heard that, the woman had woken up at 3 AM and found herself being sexually harassed by the man.

DNA evidence at the scene of the assault, which took place in February 2014 proved it was the said individual. The man who was previously convicted for shoplifting and after initially pleading not guilty, he confessed to the crime on the day of his trial – however, it still maintains the stance that he “’doesn’t remember doing it”, the court heard. Following two and a half years after the attack, he has been imprisoned.  The Victim is said to still suffers from anxiety and depression.

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