Devolution of Political Power Is Essential- Minister Mano Ganeshan

National Co-existence Dialogue and Official Languages Minister Mano Ganeshan pointed out that need of devolution of political power in war hit Majority Buddhist Island.

 “It is difficult to talk to Sinhalese people about devolution of political power. They have a fear about another ethnic war. But devolution of political power is essential.” Minister Ganeshan said at Symposium on ‘War to Peace.’

The Symposium was organized by People’s Association for Peace and Development (PAPD) held at the auditorium of SEDEC-Sri Lanka on International Peace day of September 21, 2016.

He added, “Political power of the country has been limited to the privileged people in Colombo. It should go into village level.”

Addressing the eighty participants including civil rights activists, academics, diplomats, war victims and clergy National Co-existence Dialogue and Official Languages Minister expressed that government take stern action to bring sustainable peace to war hit Sri Lanka.

“Some of extremists try to divide the country on the base of language and ethnic group. But the government not gives any chance to such groups to divide the country,”
Talking to the ‘Lanka News Web’ Father Oswald Firth OMI, Chairman of PAPD told that the Symposium: ‘War to Peace’ is an exploration into Transitional Justice as an effective instrument to achieve Reconciliation and Sustainable Peace in Sri Lanka.

“Having focused attention mainly on war-affected group and the villages in which they live, we have come to realize that while the thirty-year war has been brought to a close, the full outcome and impact in terms of peace divided in all aspects of civilian life has yet to be experienced lasting peace and reconciliation which should be the foundations on which post-war development and good governance are built.”

Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu, Execurtive Director of the Centre for Policy Alternative and the member of the Task Force on Reconciliation and Lasting Peace also addressed the Symposium

The President of “Families of the Disappeared” Brito Fernando commented that he appreciate organizing the Symposium: War to Peace.
“PAPD has been given impression that political solution should be taken for the ethnic problem in country. I can agree with them.” said to Lanka News Web after the Symposium.

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