Thousands to Rally in Jaffna to Protest Building of Budhist Temples & Call for Int’l War Crime Investigation

Also calling for Federal Solution in Traditional Tamil Homeland of unified North & East. Security forces are attempting to stop this rally.

JAFFNA, SRI LANKA, September 21, 2016 / —

Several main Tamil Political parties, Civil Society orgfanizations, Hindu & Christian religious groups and other organizations have come together to hold a massive rally in the Northern city of Jaffna on 24th to protest Sri Lankan Government and Security forces assisted building of Budhist Temples in Tamil areas where hardly any Sinhalese live.

Tamils fear that this is an attempt to increase Sinhalease settlements in Tamil areas to make Tamils minority in their traditional homeland. Already tend of thousands of Sri Lankan Security forces are stationed in Tamil areas, even though that war ended over six years ago.

In addition to this call, demonstrators are also calling for International Investigation for WarCrimes, Crimes Aganist Humanity and Genocide commited against the Tamils by the Sri Lankan Security forces. Accourding to the UN Internal Review Report over 70 thousand Tamil civilians were killed in six months in 2009 and hundreds of Tamil women were sexually abused and raped by the Security forces.

Protesters are also calling for a political solution based on Federal structure for traditional Tamil homeland comprised of merged North & East of the island.

Rallies will start in different parts of Jaffna and merge in the City to hold a massive rally.

There are also reports of Security forces through their inteligence services are attempting to create troubles and intimidation to stop this rally.

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