434 new Mahinda scams under probe

The Anti-Corruption Secretariat (ACS) has received 434 complaints related to misappropriations of public funds amounting to billions of rupees during the tenure of the Mahinda Rajapaksha regime.

ACS Director, Ananda Wijepala, said 317 complaints had already been submitted to the FCID for further investigation.
He stated that of the remaining complaints, 28 had been submitted to the CID, 85 to the Bribery Commission and another seven to the IGP for further action.

The majority of such misappropriations had taken place in institutions and companies attached to the State with several noted politicians of the previous Mahinda Rajapaksha regime being allegedly involved in such scams.

Wijepala added that once the complaints are received by the ACS, each Case is examined by an official from the Attorney General’s Department and then sent to the respective institutions such as the CID, Bribery Commission and the FCID.

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