CID identifies Dharmaratnam Sivaram’s killers

The CID has now received strong leads to identify the killers of Tamil journalist, ‘Tamilnet’ editor Dharmaratnam Sivaram alias Taraki, who was abducted by four persons in a white van near Bambalapitiya police station on 28 April 2005 and whose dead body was found from Kimbula Ela near parliament on the following day, say police headquarters sources.

White Van abduction was commonly done with the fullest support of Rajapaksha government to silence any one who opposes the government. The White Van abduction was used to kill leading Tamil politicians and Human rights workers. Millions of dollers were taken as ransoms on abducting Tamil and Muslim businessmen specially from diaspora visiting Sri Lanka, Gotha Rajapaksha was accused as the ring leader who made millions from White Van abductions..

At the time, responsibility of his murder was claimed by a group called ‘Mahason Kalliya’ working under the Mahinda government, and the CID has been able to expose the identity of the group. But it is claimed that the investigation has been put on hold due to orders from leading politicians close to Rajapaksha family.

PM has been accused of helping Wimal weerawansa and helping Rajapakshas children from punishment.

Sivaram’s mobile phone helped them to make the revelation. After killing him, the group working with the government forces and taking orders from them had kept his mobile phone with them for nearly one month in order to know the persons with whom he had connections so that they can be punished as well.

They had taken the phone to all the places they had gone, which has enabled police to identify them, but the findings will not be released as they had not only visited military Intelligence unit but has spoken to and visited top politicians in government. The details of politicians visited by these Mahinda government run terrorist group will expose the links they had with leading politicians.

It has been established that this has been done with the coordination of a government military intelligence unit under gotha.

For that, the unit has used former members of an armed guerilla group opposed to the LTTE.  They were the same persons who had made an attempt in 1988 to topple the Maldivian government. A person by the name Peter, who was connected to it, is to be arrested for questioning.

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