Rise up with MAHINDA in South and rise up with Wiggy in North

After Mahinda lost the presidential election in 2015, and went to Medamulana, it was Wimal, Udaya Gammanpila and Dinesh who brought pressure to bear on Mahinda to continue in politics, because they were aware they have no political future without Mahinda.

What Mahinda told them was to hold rallies across the Island and demand him to come back to politics, and Wimal, Gammanpila, Dinesh and Vasu organized these rallies on the theme ‘Rise up with Mahinda’ .
The racism that was defeated by the people of the South and the North at the 2015 presidential election was again stoked under this campaign along with Mahinda.

‘Rise up with Mahinda’ campaign was an effort to revive the racism that was buried during the 2015 presidential election. The power and popularity they lost with Mahinda, was sought to be regained by Wimal, Dinesh, Vasu and Udaya exploiting this opportunity.

Today, what Wigneswaran is doing is just what Mahinda did then. The ‘Rise up with Mahinda’ campaign was promoted by the racists of the South. Similarly, the campaign, rise up with Wigneswaran is being promoted by Tamil Tiger Diaspora. It was not only the racism of the South, but even the racism of the North that were crushed at the 2015 presidential election. The Tamil Tiger Diaspora that was defeated too, was in need of a leader to incite racism, and Wigneswaran was their choice.
Wigneswaran is a politico of the North currently lost in the wilderness. He is right now facing issues with the TNA, the party that nominated him for the Chief Minister post. Wigneswaran declared war against TNA Leader Sampanthan after the 2015 presidential election. It was the Tamil Tiger Diaspora that caused the breakaway of Wigneswaran from Sampanthan .The Diaspora took that decision when it got annoyed over the decision taken by Sampanthan and Sumanthiran to propel Maithripala Sirisena to victory at the last presidential election.

It was Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam and Suresh Premachandran who represented the LTTE Diaspora within the TNA. Their view was both Mahinda and Maithripala shall be defeated. They claimed behind Maithripala was Ranil who split the LTTE into two via the peace talks; Chandrika deprived LTTE of Jaffna; and Maithri during the last phase of the war was the Acting Minister of Defence when Mahinda was abroad, and all of them were, therefore, shareholders in the liquidation of the Tamils.

Anti-Maithri sentiments

Though Sampanthan suppressed these anti-Maithri sentiments after holding a conference in the North, the duo on the other hand urged to boycott elections and not to vote for Maithri. But the Tamil people did not pay heed to their requests, and the Diaspora was provoked.

It was only thereafter the Diaspora broke up the ties between Wigneswaran and Sampanthan. The LTTE believed that Wigneswaran was more popular than Sampanthan, based on the huge majority he secured at the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) election when he became the Chief Minister. Yet, Wigneswaran after becoming the Chief Minister did not utilize the funds allocated by the government with the result within the NPC he had to face resistance and opposition from his own members. Besides, the Tamil people also hurled accusations that the NPC did not do anything for the Tamil population.

The LTTE Diaspora that was infuriated over the decision taken by Sampanthan to extend support to Maithri, sought revenge and decided that Wigneswaran shall be broken away from Sampanthan. In like manner, Ponnambalam and Suresh Premachandran who urged not to vote for Maithri at the general election having realized they cannot bend the TNA to their way of thinking, split the TNA into two. Ponnambalam and Suresh Premachandran who received the support of the Diaspora were defeated at the general election. It was thereafter Wigneswaran carried aloft the Diaspora on his shoulders.

Tamils arise

Wigneswaran launched a new campaign carrying the Diaspora on his shoulders. That is like saying, rise up with Wigneswaran, and that is similar to rise up with Mahinda .
It is the Diaspora that is trying to break Wigneswaran from the TNA, while the extremists of the South are trying to break Mahinda from the SLFP. It is the need of the extremists of the South to break Mahinda from the SLFP, and launch a new party in order to stoke the flames of racism in the South against the Maithri–Ranil Government.

The Rajapaksas, of course, would not hesitate to enlist the support of the LTTE Diaspora if they are to re-capture power using them.

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