Leaders of Civil Organizations who made Maithripala president up in arms against his speech defending Gota !

(Lanka-e-News -13.Oct.2016, 7.20PM)  The leaders of  Civil and professional organizations who   were in the vanguard to steer incumbent president Maithripala Sirisena to victory at the last presidential elections have expressed their bitter and fierce opposition to the obnoxious and odious statements made by the president yesterday  which in other words were directly pressurizing  the Bribery Commission , CID,  FCID and courts that  are committed to their tasks and discharging their duties duly.

The president’s speech also was directed at  protecting and shielding the most infamous  murderer Gotabaya , the devil incarnate of the nefarious decade of the corrupt  ,oppressive Rajapakse regime which kept the people trampled under its despotic boots during its reign.

It is the view of these organizations that the statements made by the president were uncalled for,  unwarranted , and therefore unnecessary.

One Civil organization leader who was shocked beyond measure said , a president  who is re -born and has lost his  memory would only  make such stupid and silly   announcements. However , since such a thing has not overtaken him  , he must be either not in his right senses or suffering from puerile and insane drives or is possessed by an evil spirit to make such irresponsible and ludicrous utterances.

The leaders of Civil Organizations yesterday night decided to register their protests against the odious speech of the president , and a media conference is to be held tomorrow (14)  in Colombo.

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