Making Eezham Tamil ‘Shiv Sena’ meaningful

The chief coordinator of ‘Siva Cheanai’ in Jaffna, Ma’ravan-pulavu K. Sachithananthan has come out with a statement on Wednesday that on the Vijayadasami day (Tuesday), the Buddhists, Christians and Muslims disturbed Saiva Tamil religious rituals of Muththumari Amman temple in Anuradhapura Old Town. They chased away the devotees and one devotee who escaped into the sanctum of the temple was fatally stabbed by a Buddhist and a Muslim. Both of them also smashed the image at the sanctum. Condemning the act on behalf of ‘World Hindus’, Mr Sachithananthan urged for the supply of a replacement statue. The Eezham Tamil Siva Cheanai would be more meaningful if it could focus on countering the paradigm of Indian Shiv Sena that mischievously patronizes both genocidal Buddha and monkey god statues for geopolitical purposes in the island. Full story >>

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