2 hours discussion between president Maithri and culprit Gota ! Maithri’s ‘cyanide’ tale and how he burnt his tail..

(Lanka-e-News -15.Oct.2016, 11.30PM) President Maithripala Sirisena the ‘great villager’ who had never heard of the tale of of the long living prince ‘ look far without looking near’ even when  his aachi (grandmother) was feeding him , related a  ‘  cyanide ‘ story which  created a feeling of triumph and joy among the brutal corrupt group of scoundrels of the  nefarious decade gave a fresh lease of life to them and provided  encouragement to more  corruption and murder . This in  fact is tantamount to most ungratefully and unmercifully hitting   below the belt of the pro good governance masses .

The president  on 13 th  night provided an opportunity to ace  rogues like  Mahindananda and Wimal Weerawansa the ‘rabid dogs and rascals ’ of the Blue Brigade  to indulge in claptraps (Balubana) and empty rhetoric via the Rupavahini news channel to be viewed by the pro good governance masses  in order to lend support to the accusations made by these rascals ,rogues and scoundrels  that the independent Commissions are pursuing political agendas when these  Commissions in fact are  the fruits of the hard fought struggle over decades launched by the law abiding civil population .

Consequently ,these rabid dogs and cunning wolves cashing in on President’s statement , went on barking and howling   ‘ you saw , the president is saying what we said’ the whole of yesterday.

The wings to fly sky high provided by president to the corrupt and brutal scoundrels ….

Not only these scoundrels even the ‘black coated nefarious crows’ were heard to echo the same sentiments in the courts the whole of yesterday.

The case pertaining to the cold blooded murder of editor Lasantha Wickremetunge in broad daylight was heard yesterday in the Mt. Lavinia court . The black coated lawyers alias  loafers who appeared for  the army intelligence division murderer too grabbed the opportunity and began harping on ‘ this murder investigation is a political revenge ‘, while advancing the contention that even the country’s president has said that, when  requesting   bail for the client.

The pro good governance lawyers on the other hand countered the argument by pointing out ,the cases before court should not be seen from the standpoint of what politicians say , and it should be judged from a legal perspective and on evidence. Thanks to the good governance that was installed on 2015-01-08 , the court without falling prey to  the claptraps of   politicians who change colors like a chameleon,  respected  the laws and did not grant bail to the army intelligence divison murderer .

When another case relating to the murder  of Lanka e news  journalist Ekneliyagoda was called up yesterday this same drama was sought to be enacted, capitalizing on the idiotic speech of the president ,the same argument was advanced by the black coated lawyers alias loafers appearing for the murderers.On this occasion , the lawyers speaking on behalf of  Ekneliyagoda however told court , ‘we have a president who says one thing today ,and another tomorrow. But the court must take decisions not based on the story of president or gods but on the evidence before the court. Accordingly , no relief was granted to the murderers. The judge proved he is not insane or unhinged like the politicians.

Under the circumstances , if any murderer is trying to disentangle himself from his criminal involvement taking refuge under  president Maithripala Sirisena who is also of course not unlike any other politician despite being the president  ,  it is best if the criminal understands that following the rainbow revolution of 2015-01-08 , the chances of escape making use of  those dastardly and despicable political channels is most limited for him. Thanks to the Rainbow revolution !

President Maithri the politico has two hour discussion with Gota.

Lanka e news is  compelled to preface this article with the  aforementioned introduction because reports were received by  LeN inside information division that prior  to the president’s ‘cyanide’ speech he  has had a two hour long secret discussion with the most brutal Gotabaya the well known  devil incarnate .

In addition to this , prior to Maithripala ‘s ‘ cyanide’ speech   , a  chief of the army intelligence division who is a lickspittle and lackey of Gotabaya  has delivered a distorted falsified  report to the president  .Maithripala who is characterized by foolish temper outbursts and puerile drives had thereafter flown into a rage as though he had suddenly developed an uncontrollable itch at the place he would least desire . In that report it was mentioned , the CID by investigating the murdered LTTE cadres of  the past is victimizing the ‘innocent’  army intelligence division officers. That is ,  borrowing the words of Maithri , innocent patriots like Gotabaya are being ‘dragged’ to courts

As stated in our aforementioned report at the beginning , Maithripala without looking far and by  looking at just what is nearby swallowed the intelligence division distortion eagerly even  without curry anf flavor  , only to set his tail on fire .

The false report furnished by  intelligence division chief the lackey and lickspittle of Gotabaya  ..

The present army intelligence chief had only revealed half the truth in that falsified report . This intelligence chief during the period of Lasantha’s murder was with  the Gotabayas in the same sack eating poonac. Therefore his sole and whole aim is to safeguard the murderers of Lasantha . In order to fasten the blame in regard to Lasantha’s murder on the LTTE , a most deplorable method was devised by Aruna  Wanniarachi the army intelligence chief.  He arranged for the robbery of a motor cycle on which an individual was traveling along wih his relative in the East  , Then Bappa and his son (relative) who travelled on the motor bike were shot and killed , and it was reported they being LTTE leaders they  were killed . After bringing the robbed motor bike, it was left hidden in a culvert in the environs of Colombo.  Later these perpetrators of the crime  themselves discovered it from the culvert. This was the motor cycle which was claimed to have been used by the so called ‘LTTE leaders’ to murder Lasantha.

Today , when the CID (the police) is functioning independently and impartially under the good governance government , and when it conducted  investigations, this diabolic  conspiracy  has come to  light. Hence , Wanniarachi who was appointed as the army intelligence chief  then by Gota is to be interrogated.The present army intelligence division chief Suresh Salley furnished a falsified report which was half true to Maithripala Sirisena part of which  report was  expunged , and an interpolation was made in it  that , by the CID  investigating the LTTE  murders too , the country is being de stabilized.

‘Dead rope’ swallowing award winner

It is a universal fact fools prefer to swallow ‘dead ropes’ to eating porridge even if the latter is in plenty . It was a pitiful  spectacle when Maithripala started swallowing the ‘dead ropes’ provided by Suresh Salley and Gotabaya , while licking it  saying gleefully  ‘ammata udu’ (how delicious !) .

The president whose  buttocks and bottoms reached boiling point after fololishly giving credence to  the misleading false report of Salley during his two hour discussion with Gota , began  ‘vomiting’ and disgorging    everything publicly on stage at the Foundation Instutute like a cheap, hollow, shallow politician via his reckless thoughtless ‘cyanide’ speech .

Though inside information division reports of Lanka e news reveal  that the president blew his top off in a rage is true ,souces close to the president  revealed  another story.

Reasons behind cyanide story from Maithri’s perspective….

The President once said , he would never any day come forward to rescue the Rajapakses in their criminal involvements including frauds, corruption and murder.

The president  who expressed his resentment against Gotabaya being hauled up in courts  over a simple indictment regarding an agreement signed by the defense ministry , leaving aside the grave charges of corruption involving the MiG jet deals and gruesome murders which are supported by copious and cogent evidence , was  because the president wanted to make Gotabaya a hero via this simple indictment on which he is out on bail, according to sources close to Maithripala.

The same sources also revealed  the reasons which prompted president to turn bitter towards the manner in which the police are conducting the investigations against the corrupt and criminals .

The president has also frowned on  the charges filed against deputy minister Fowzi who is a senior SLFP er and government member  while ministers are committing those all the time. . The offence  committed by Fowzi is taking his official vehicle from one ministry to another. Hence the president is of the opinion that the case filed by Bribery Commission is unjustifiable. Another incident that has offended the president is the summoning of the daughter of Priyankara Jayaratne for questioning by the Bribery Commission over an appointment given to her in that  ministry  . The president has interpreted  these incidents as harassing the group of SLFPers  with him over trifles ,while  leaving aside  most grave cases of corruption .

Gamini Senarath the chief of staff of Mahinda Rajapakse under  the last regime ,and  the most corrupt and   notorious crook being free without any fear of ‘lightning’ striking him despite his monumental corruption , has also irked the president .  Thiru Kumar Nadesan the husband of Nirupama Rajapakse who is the prime accused in the Malwana mansion racket  of Basil Rajapakse being free without any hindrance too has irritated the president . How could that be is his  question ? It is based on these scenarios  , the president has alleged  , the investigations are progressing according to political agendas.

May be those grounds of the president are tenable and true , yet the  president surely  must know much better ways  to criticize than imitate the crude methods adopted  by Mariayakade ammandiyas (Mariayakade grade mothers) whose mouths are like spittoons even before those are opened.  After all , the Independent Commissions were appointed by the president himself  and the investigations are now being conducted by none other than the police which  was  made independent through that commission .

President’s fart is sans sound sans stench

It is Maithripala Sirisena who should decide whether he ought to  be the president of the country or be the president of the SLFP .Yesterday , by trying to become the president of the SLFP , through  his ‘cyanide’ tale he not only exposed his baser instincts and true water colors  but also set fire to his tail.

One fact however stands out , that is the CID and FCID which are arms of the Rainbow revolution and  are conducting impartial  investigations , and were made independent by the independent commissions cannot be subordinated or  subjugated  by the president or even  his appatchi (father) . It is best if the president of the country realizes these Institutions  exist to serve the best interests of the country  and the people , and not any cranky individual , politician and his cronies , or political party .

Though  it is unfortunate  the president let off  a fart wittingly or unwittingly ,fortunately for the people  the fart did not stink – the entire country must indeed be happy  !

In the circumstances , the investigations against the crooks , corrupt and murderers shall continue unimpeded. The morale of the CID , FCID and Bribery Commission shall not flag or shall not be sapped. It is well to remind lest anybody has forgotten that these Institutions  owe a duty to the tax paying masses and not to  political scoundrels and rascals  , however high and mighty they may think !

By Chandraparadeep

Translated by  Jeff 

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