Sumanthiran slams President’s sympathy on military personnel and negligence on Tamil inmates

TNA parliamentarian and Spokesman of the party, M.A. Sumanthiran said President Maithripala Sirisena expresses his solicitude over the military personnel who have been in custody for 16 months and fails to do the same to the Tamil inmates who have been behind bars for 16 years without any charge.

He made the remarks at an interview with a local media.

He further said that the law of the country same for all citizens, adding that it cannot be differed to military personnel and civilians.

He added the President have expressed his concern over the detention of the intelligent officials of the military for 16 months. If they are found guilty, they must be charged otherwise must be freed, that is what the legal procedure.

But those who were arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act 16 years ago have not been charged, adding that it seems the president does not take their matter into consideration, he added.

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