‘SL leading UK in female participation in IT jobs’

By Hiran H.Senewiratne

Female participation in IT related jobs in Sri Lanka is around 30 percent, which is higher than the corresponding figure in the UK. According to statistics, female participation in IT jobs in the UK is 17 percent. Therefore, Sri Lanka is an important market place for the British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute for IT qualifications, its president Ray Long said.

“Sri Lanka has achieved significant development in the IT sector and it is the need of the hour to use IT for government organizations to drive the society for major IT project management activities in order to reap economic benefits, Long told The Island- Financial Review recently during a short visit to Sri Lanka.

He said that Sri Lanka is the most active regional branch outside the UK, and the BCS has more than 6000 members in Sri Lanka who have the ability to handle any type of IT project based on the BCS three pillars, namely, commitment to use IT, excellent support for IT professionals and leadership.

Long said that with the rapid development of information communication technology, IT project management is the biggest driving force in the global arena. “Therefore, it is high time to mobilize all our professionals in Sri Lanka to drive the economy to prosperity,” he said

He said BCS is very excited about Sri Lanka on its achievements in the IT sector, apart from the higher number of female participation. “That is one of the attracting factors for the industry.”

“With these developments of IT globally, IT has created windows of opportunities for many sectors, including health, education, business start ups and many more sectors, Long explained.

He said that BCS imparts the knowledge of managing IT projects and in teaching people in technology, soft skills and leadership and several other useful methodologies to handle any type of IT project.

“IT literacy in Sri Lanka is growing at a rapid pace and having BCS membership would help you to go up the corporate ladder, he added.

” Today data has been revolutionized when it comes to obtaining, collecting and retrieving data because of super computers which have been developed in the world. Having BCS membership helps to get employment in any part of the world, he explained.

BCS Group Chief Executive Paul Fletcher said, “When you successfully complete all levels you can upgrade your student membership to Professional (MBCS) membership immediately, enhancing your career prospects / interview success, identifying you as an IT professional with a chartered body.

“Thousands of people from across the world have benefited from BCS qualifications and many are now IT leaders who continue to inform, influence and professionalize the industry, he added.

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