R. Sampanthan calls for federal system

North-East must be merged to secure rights of Tamils – R.Sampanthan

Northern and Eastern provinces should be merged in order to secure the rights of Tamil people, said Leader of TNA and the Opposition in parliament R. Sampanthan.

Pointing out the progressive move of Sinhala settlement in the Eastern Province, he warned that such Sinhala settlement would affect the minority community of Tamils. He said establishing a sole region would save their rights.

He added that the merger of North and East is not a matter of Chief Minister but for the rights of Tamils especially to secure the tradition, culture, language, arts of Tamils there should be a sole region for them.

He stressed that he had no intention to talk of injustice of any community but for all communities to get their rights in the country.

R. Sampanthan calls for federal system of government as it is successful in Switzerland

Opposition Leader and leader of the Tamil National Alliance R.Sampanthan has urged for consideration of federal system of government which is in force in Switzerland in the formulation of the new constitution.

Addressing the media after holding discussion with the visiting speaker of the National Council of the Federal Assembly of Switzerland Christa Markwalder and Secretary General of Switzerland Parliament Philippe Schwab, Mr. Sampanthan said the federal system of government of Switzerland is very successful and it gives equal rights to all of its citizens.

Therefore, Switzerland is one of the developed countries, he added.

Since Sri Lanka, as expecting of future development, on the process of drafting the new constitution, it should formulate it on the basis of federal system, Sampanthan added.

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